Jodi Mosogau, RN

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Registered Nurse, BHSc in Nursing, Perinatal Educator

 I have been a Pediatric/Neonatal Registered Nurse since 2005.  I graduated with my Bachelor of Health in Nursing from the Auckland University of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand.  I am originally from New Zealand and moved to Canada when I was 9 years of age.  I always knew I wanted to work with the infant population and my experiences as a nanny, nurse, mother, and LC have taught me so much over the years.  I decided to specialize in the area of lactation & breastfeeding in 2010 and found myself to be very passionate about how many variances there are in this area from mother to mother and baby to baby.  After completing my prerequisites and passing the exam I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2011.  

I have three energetic & gorgeous children (3yo girl, 6yo girl & 8yo boy) and love being a mom!  I know from both personal & professional experience that a pregnancy, a delivery, those first days/weeks with your newborn, and the weeks/months to follow can all go in many different ways!  I had one emergency c-section, and two planned c-sections (my 2nd child was footling breech and my third I had a complete previa where the placenta is covering the cervix).  Due to many complications and insufficient knowledge I did not successfully breastfeed my firstborn for very long.  This resulted in me being very determined to have a better breastfeeding experience with my second child; one which I am happy to say I was able to repeat with my third as well.  Don't get me wrong I had challenges and even needed the help of a fellow LC, but am happy I was able to breastfeed with enjoyment.  

I am currently working as an RN in the hospital setting (paediatrics & neonatal ICU) as well as running my private practice and breastfeeding clinic.  Those who know me in either the hospital or community setting would say I am very passionate about my career and am truly thankful that I can say "I love what I do"!  Although my job as a nurse may not always involve the breastfeeding population, I have had many opportunities to learn more over the years through education and hands on learning & am able to use this knowledge on a regular basis in this setting.  As a NICU nurse I have been exposed to a totally different and unique population when it comes to the area of lactation, breastfeeding, and all that it entails, and find myself continuing on a learning curve specific to this population.  Because of this I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of working with multiples, babes with physical anomalies, mom's with supply issues, premature and/or low birth weight infants, and so much more!  Having my private practice has added yet another dimension to what I have to offer, and the learning I'm exposed to.  I can truly say I am passionate about working with moms & their babes, not only when it comes to breastfeeding & lactation, but overall mother-infant support!  I also am actively involved in the Baby Friendly Initiative within the local health authority and am passionate about providing supportive care to all mothers and babes for the duration of their pregnancy up until they wean their child.  For this to be a standard of care, I strongly believe that education & collaboration are key.  Both for the parents and the professionals involved.  The picture below symbolizes the journey of breastfeeding through my eyes; there are ups and downs, challenges and amazing moments but ultimately it can be an beautiful journey. 

In my spare time I enjoy making memories with my family, staying active through sports and being outdoors, and last, but not least, I love to bake!  Thanks for taking time to find out about me... I look forward to hearing from you & hopefully working with you soon.

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