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Benefits of Working with Womb To Wings


  • Schedule flexibility
  • Extended medical
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Knowledgeable front desk liaisons
  • Direct Billing for clients
  • Jane App
  • Equiped rooms
  • Linens & laundry service
  • Lotion, gloves & supplies
  • Website & Google Business
  • Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest Presence
  • Marketing
  • Study groups & treatment trades
  • Acheivable pay increases

Build Your Lifestyle



42$-58$ per hour + extended medical & vacation pay.

Pay is hourly, not per treatment. Wage increase based on experience, continuing education & team performance.



75% to Practitioner

25% Commission to Womb To Wings

all fees included (admin, POS, Jane app)



Tailor your hours to your practice.

Entire room rental negotiable

Room Rental includes admin, equipment & operating systems

4 Treatment Rooms Available







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A message from the Owner

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for 15 years in 3 different provinces. During that time I have worked for RMT based clinics, Naturopathic/Midwifery clinic, multidisplinary clinics, Chiropractic clinic, Spas & Yoga studios. From my experience I found my passion in working with babies & children and supporting mothers & fathers. Finding my passion has ignited a new dream in guiding other RMTs to find their passion. At Womb To Wings we believe that if we treat the team like gold, they will treat the people we serve like platnum. 

Our mission is to create support teams that promote a Health Care model based on Quality, Wellness, Empowered and Educated care. We hope this to be our first facility of many that offer Innovated, Informed and Autonomous wellness services for families including pregnancy, birth, infant, child, fertility and parent support.

Let us take care of operations, so you can focus on your quality care & connection with the people you serve. We believe in family first and that includes the people who are on our team. We have designed our business model to achieve life-work balance, longevity & growth  for our team. We believe Massage Therapy isn’t a job it is a passionate practice. 

We look forward to meeting with you.

Nathalie Grand-Maitre, RMT, Owner

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Currently Hiring Registered Massage Therapists & Naturopathic Physician.

Please send us your resume and be sure to include:

1. Why you are passionate about working with us?

2. What continuing education have you done & what would you like to take in the future?

3. Please describe in your own words what the following words mean to you: 





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From Our Staff


“Womb to Wings is a fantastic place to work the team is supportive and caring. As the mother of a child with special needs it is very meaningful to me to be part of a team that allows me the freedom to give my child the love and support he needs to thrive. I have flexibility to meet challenges in my diverse life and I am challenged at fulfilled at work.”



“Being the newest member of a team can be intimidating, but the wonderful professionals here at Womb to Wings have been amazing! When the opportunity came along to work somewhere that was all about helping tiny little human and their families, I knew it was the right fit. As someone who has struggled with Health issues in the past, it’s an incredible feeling to know you are a part of someone’s journey to better health! Something I noticed very quickly is how much I didn’t know, but it’s exciting to know I’m now learning more everyday.”


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Womb To Wings

2825 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, British Columbia V2T 2E3, Canada

Suite 204 (second floor with elevator access) (778) 991-2889 info@wombtowings.com