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Maddie Christian, Clinical Hypnotherapist


Maddie Christian, Clinical Hypnotherapist



Maddie passion for helping people through Hypnotherapy grew from how it helped her. She’s struggled with severe, debilitating anxiety since childhood. After years of different types of therapy, medications and “trying everything that’s out there,” she reluctantly agreed to a hypnotherapy session, suggested by a co-worker. Shaking like a leaf, she attended her first hypnotherapy session because she had heard of many misconceptions about the treatment. However, what she found was a highly-useful strategy for dealing with a number of hard-to-treat issues. 

Hypnotherapy treatment was so successful for Maddie’s anxiety and Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder (SADD), that she decided to learn everything she could about it, and seek certification. The modality helps people access their subconscious thoughts and feelings, and heal themselves. A Hypnotherapist acts as a guide and offers others a chance to change by empowering their own health. It is important to know “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis”, which means no one can hypnotize you if you aren’t willing.

She is also passionate about her hobbies. In her spare time, Maddie is a big fan of the hit show Supernatural, she even travels to fan conferences where she gets to share her appreciation of the show with people from all over north america and sometimes even the world. The opportunities to share deep connections with friends, other fans and the cast is a big part of her inspiration. 

Maddie enjoys working with people from all walks of life. She strives to create a safe space for all to be heard and to heal.