Rental Option



What We Supply


  • Full Admin Service from open to close: booking, payments, emails, phones, dealing with lawyers & insurance companies requests
  • Direct billing Insurance with over 14 companies including ICBC & MSP, all processed by Admin (You are paid up front & the Clinic will wait on the payment)
  • Electric tables, linens/laundry & pillows/bolsters (other equipment will be discussed i.e. thermaphores, hydroculators, special requests)
  • Lotions/gels, gloves, soap, tissues ...
  • Cleaning & cleaning supplies
  • Personal page on our Website with bio, continuing education & any other information about your practice with SEO optimization.
  • Social Media Presence with Facebook, Google Business & Youtube. (Option to make your own posts, but not expected/required)
  • Business Cards with your name.
  • Marketing material i.e. Brochures, Prescription Pads that we hand out to Doctors, Midwives, Physiotherapists...
  • Staff lunch room & separate staff  work space with area to store belongings.

What we expect from you


  • We will help to build a clientele, but ultimately you are responsible for building your own, which means your patients contact information & files are yours
  • If you leave we expect your patients to be informed of where you are going, how to contact you for files or where they can find continued care
  • You are responsible to learn & use JaneApp (we do not work with paper copy)
  • You are responsible to have a Laptop/Tablet for charting
  • You are responsible to provide music
  • Supplies outside of what we provide i.e. Specialty oils, Graston tools...
  • You are responsible for tidying room & have it presentable for the next person
  • Sharing your room with another Professional unless you opt for exclusivity offer (generally 2 professionals per room, 3 max)
  • And most importantly to be courteous & kind to co-workers

Are you concerned about paying Rent?

Rent is due on the last day of the month to give you time to see some patients first.

Still unsure?

We have an introductory offer of a split of 70/30 flat rate to allow you to build a clientele & move to rent. We are confident that you will be busy & rent will be a better option.

Shift Options


*option to move morning start times by 30 minutes as we understand things like school drop off & childcare needs.

Exclusivity Options


Apply Today

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We look forward to meeting you.